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03-27-2012, 11:08 PM
Originally Posted by patrikchrudim
I would like to ask you for help...

I have Dreadnought cruiser and on tactical cons slots I have three plasma infusers Mk XI very rare (+28% plasma damage). Does it make sense?

Or will be better to use 2x plasma infuser and one prefire chamber?

My ship's weapons:

Aft: 4x Borg Plasma dual heavy cannons Mk XII
Fore: 4x Borg Plasma turret Mk XI

If you have some other tips for me, please answer. I'm looking forward your advise!
Ok, first off you shouldn't be running Plasma. If you are in the dreadnought you should be running Phaser, because you should want the buff for your lance.

Second, with the turn rate on the dreadnought, you should be running 8 beam arrays. The majority of your time only your turrets are going to be hitting your target, and everybody else is going to have to make up for your loss of DPS.

Third, plasma is the worst possible weapon that you could bring to a PvP fight. If you don't PvP, then you don't have to worry about it. I am just saying to not expect to go into a PvP fight and expect to do any type of damage whatsoever.

Fourth, You want the console that would buff your weapon energy type. Which is what you have. If you have a plasma infuser, then that will buff anything plasma. Whether it is a cannon, or beam. Not sure about torpedoes, but I wouldn't put torps on the dreadnought anyway. If all you are going to do is PvE, then keep your current setup. It makes sense, (A little, considering that Plasma is terrible for PvP, it probably is pretty cheap).