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03-28-2012, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by Thrawnne
... focus even more on damage ... I can still survive a tac cube generally long enough to get out of range and lose aggro ...
So if you're running from the tac cube once it notices you, how exactly are you focusing on damage? :p

I'd personally pack a resist mod over a +3.x weapons power console, then use positioning to stay out of the arcs of much of the tac cube's damage (ian easy method is to hug the top as well as possible). You'll get more benefit out of Go Down Fighting that way too, since you will be able to hang on in hull damage a bit longer

+3.x weapons power isn't all that much extra, compared to what you give up for that slot in return (turn rate, power transfer rate, resists, etc.) - in fact, disregarding my earlier point and specifically considering what you're talking about doing, using an EPS Flow Regulator to boost your speed at switching power levels would likely be more beneficial.