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03-28-2012, 01:50 AM
Originally Posted by Krruuszh
Hey guys,

I have no clue, what I'm doing wrong...

I want to fire my cannons with my mouse thumb buttons so i use:

/bind Button5 "+TrayExecByTray 3 0$$+TrayExecByTray 3 1$$+TrayExecByTray 3 2$$+TrayExecByTray 3 3$$+TrayExecByTray 3 4$$+TrayExecByTray 3 5"

/bind Button4 "+TrayExecByTray 3 8$$+TrayExecByTray 3 9"

Krruuszh, you need to make sure all your spaces are present. You need to add spaces before and after the '$$' or the bind won't work.