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03-28-2012, 09:14 AM
There I was, Entering into a Normal Cure PuG.....

I said 'HI' in the chat like I usually do and someone responded 'I'll Take The Kang.'

I watch as 4 ships head off to the kang as I fly to the first cube.

I start shooting, take out the first couple BoP's in a couple quick vollies and start shooting the nodes.

I turn around while shooting and see one team member off about 70k and the other three shooting at the incoming ships.

Someone is hollering 'NOOBES NOOBES.'

I see they are having troubles so i fly back and kill a couple of the BoP's. Meanwhile i see Skittles and Rainbows just flyi ng everywhere.

I type, 'Great, Rainbows, Skittles AND a Farmer..'

Someone types, 'If you get over here and help instead of running off to the Cube we might win.' (Or something like that.)

I say 'Whatever' and went back to killing the nodes at the first cube. I killed 2 more BoP's on the way.

I turn around and look again as the Cube goes boom and see that the other three team members that are actually doing something are overwelmed.

So I return and start killing more BoP's.

Someone yells that I was supposed to take the Cubes to 10%. Now you have to remember, THIS IS A NORMAL!

I typed, "ThIS IS A NORMAL"

I flew to the second cube, killed a couple ships on the way. I kill all the nodes and notice that the other three are overwelmed again. So I fly back to the rescue and kill all the ships, we lose the optional just as I get there as the Kang drops below 75%.

I say, 'Don't you guys have heals?'

Nobody answers.

Someone yells, 'If you would have played right we would not have lost the optional!"

I typed, 'If I'd known I was in here with Farmers and Skittle Boats I would have bailed."

So I healed the Kang as good as i could and flew off to the second cube and finished it.

I see on the way that the three team members were now overwelmed by the two Raptors that had spawned from cube 3.

I kill a couple nodes on cube 3 and Boom,,, There goes the Kang.

One guy is yelling 'Next time take the cubes to 10% like you're supposed to.'


Someoned else chimes in, 'What's a Skittle Boat?'