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03-28-2012, 10:20 AM
Originally Posted by Jake81499 View Post
I've done many many many normal Cures and it happens a lot more often then you may think.

Unfortunatly, I enjoy subjecting myself to torture so I'll most likely be doing many many many more.

I must have had amazing luck then, because I've done a large number of Cure Normal runs myself and have yet to fail the mission entirely. Fail the optional? Yeah, because someone said they could guard the Kang when in fact they could not. I usually take it upon myself to guard it now, see if anyone helps, then if they seem competent enough at it I'll wander off to help focus on the Cube/Nanite group everyone else is on.

But I'll still be looking in my "rear view mirror" to see if they need help. Thanks to the STFs, my situational awareness has certainly improved significantly!