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03-28-2012, 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by Thrawnne
My thinking is that my hull is my absolute last line of defense. With my defense rating and shields handling most of my ships defensive needs, using the PDM consoles let me focus even more on damage. This makes it easier to hit 125 weapons power, allowing for me to increase shield or engine power.

Am I wrong in this thinking? This is what I use now, and I can still survive a tac cube generally long enough to get out of range and lose aggro, but I am very susceptible to the super-torpedoes, those I can usually survive on my Engineer's Oddy ship.
What is your current power setting? You can only adjust your power level in 5 point increments. That is to say, you can only go from 100 to 95, and not 91 or something like that. So, even if that console gave you 4, you are either going to have 129 (a waste, since 125 is the hard cap) or you're going to have 124 (not too much of a difference).

I wouldn't bother with the PDM.

Originally Posted by doctorbrainpoker
Nah, I was told not to take threat control when I started out on the game. Still...a silly sci officer in an escort shouldnt be the biggest threat around.
That's irrelevant. You're in an escort and you're using DHCs, and probably boff skills that boost your cannon damage.

That's all the Borg needs to consider you the bigger threat.

Originally Posted by allanjb
These guys speak the truth, it's all about the THREAT CONTROL, I started doing ELITE runs with my Fleet and was constantly dying, I did a RESPEC and adjusted my treat control down, and it's no longer an issue! I

TAC Captain in a DEF-R
Hmm...are you saying you don't get any agro at all now? Are you sure you respec'ed your character correctly or have the right load out?

A properly built escort will pretty much guarantee agro as soon as it starts firing on something. That's what the escort is for; high DPS, which makes you the bigger threat.

I have 0 points in Threat Control, and yet I get agro'ed all the time.