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03-28-2012, 11:53 AM
Originally Posted by Destinii
I don't think HY works the way you think it does. The tooltip of the torpedo shows an increase in damage when HY is used, but those multiple torpedoes you're seeing *are* that increase for most torpedoes..
I'm afraid I have to disagree. Because the Torpedo Damage is buffed and then the number of torpedoes is increased by the version of the High Yield.

High Yield 1 Launches 2 Torps instead of 1
High Yield 2 Launches 3 Torps instead of 1
High Yield 3 Launches 4 Torps instead of 1

All while increasing the Damage of the base torps, with 2 Exceptions: Tricobalt and Plasma Torps. Those Torps have their Damage increased and they get changed into a different type of warhead. The Plasma Torp becomes a slow moving ball of plasma that can be shot down. It's Size increases with each version of High Yield to show how strong it gets. Meanwhile Tricobalt becomes a High Yield Tricobalt that disperses an AOE upon Impact to Stun enemies in the radius.

With Spread the Torp damage is again Increased, but this time instead of just increasing the amount of Torps to a single target, it is split up by 3's amongst different targets and given an AOE effect around that target. Tricobalt is again slightly different in the spread regard, it does fire multiple tricobalts, but only an extra 1, 2, or 3 depending on the Spread used.

Again, I feel it might increase The Deployment Mine Patterns effectiveness if they also gave a SLIGHT damage increase to the individual mines. Nothing as severe as the high yields. (Again I already know that the Deployment is a kind of buff to the damage, but more mines doesn't always equate to more damage with how Mines work in this game. They are more Spam instead of being a threatening field of damage.) And the damage I would be thinking of is again maybe an extra 2% For version 1, 4% for version 2 and 6% for version 3.

Also I feel that the Mine Deployment Patterns should work for the Tricobalt Mine in the same way that the High Yields effect the Tricobalt Torpedo. Mine Pattern Beta could create the "High Yield Tricobalt Mine" that would do the same effect as a Tricobalt Torpedo. Where the Mine Pattern Alpha would launch more of the Tricobalt Mine. (Version 1 would launch 1 extra mine, Version 2 would launch 2 extra Mines, with Version 3 Launching 3 extra mines)