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Captain Zadari Iminei rubbed her temple with her fingers, and blinked through the blurred exhaustion that threatened her consciousness. Her footfalls clacked against the crude metal deckplating of the Ursva III, and echoed across the ancient bulkheads as they creaked under the strain of the environmental controls. Thirty six hours of straight consciousness. Even her symbiont was starting to complain.

Ever since Mr. Karlo returned to the Klingon Defense Force, both she and Madame Jane Nori had been hard pressed to find a replacement. For a Lethean he had been far more useful than she had given him credit for. In the interim, Jane's sister Tevnu had come aboard as a temporary fill-in as Executive Officer. Tonight had been her first night aboard, arriving on Madame Nori's ship, the Zephyr earlier this evening.

Tevnu was a lot different than Jane both in attitude and appearance. The younger Nori sister was shorter than Jane, but nearly stood even with Zadari. Her sharp, grey eyes held back a more aggressive wit, and her body was instead of sleek and demure, was curvaceous and muscular. Both displayed high degrees of scientific aptitude, but in different areas. Jane seemed to show more interest in things such as gemology, whereas Tevnu was into more exotic forms of research and even dabbled in medicine.

This wasn't the USS Majestic, or even her own ship. It belonged to the Nori sisters, and the primary function of this old Vor'cha class rustbucket was to deliver high profile cargo to its destination: This time somewhere in Romulan space. Unless it had something to do with turning a profit, this ship would not be performing any research, or responding to medical calls.

Despite her abrasiveness, Zadari liked Tevnu more than her older sister. She was far more patient, less flamboyant, and bluntly honest. There was also a way that Tevnu carried herself that commanded respect, and even intimidated the rest of the crew. She was the kind of person Zadari valued, especially as her right hand on this glorified cargo hauler.

She reached the door to the brig and exhaled slowly, trying to breathe more energy into her aching body. Before it was time for bed, she had to check on her cargo one last time. She reached out with a gloved hand and typed on the keypad. A rush of air hit her in the face as the air from the compartment swirled into the rest of the ship. For a moment, she felt an extra rush of life.

To keep her subject subdued she had ordered the Brig on minimal power. Just enough for the forcefield, environmental controls, and toilet functions to operate. The rest was cast in dull reddish orange light, and long shadows. On purpose she had also put the subject at the farthest room from the door, to make escape seem a more difficult task than it was, and to give her the fear that came with uncertainty when someone entered the room.

Normally, she never questioned her assignments from the Nori Sisters, no matter how bizarre, but this one had topped the list. Not just because the nature of the assignment, but her familiarity with the dangers involved. Why someone would choose this as a target, she couldn't fathom, and in asking she had only been threatened with death. Though, in the back of her mind Captain Iminei knew that death was the likeliest end result anyway.

She finally reached the final cell that contained Captain Vaihuu e'Hvalli. Stopping, her eyes traced over the Romulan/human hybrid's exotic facial features. Her fair skin glowed angelically in the pale light from the forcefield emitters and was marred by a long gash along her forehead, bruises on her cheekbones, and lips from a struggle with T'sss. Her long, raven colored hair swirled around her neck, and rested gracefully on the shoulders of her tattered Starfleet uniform covered in dried green blood.

She didn't know Vai personally, but knew of her both from the old days in Starfleet, and her days as a smuggler in Romulan space. She was the only daughter of Vice Admiral Kim Sharp and the late Senator Ynala t'Hvalli. She was also the step daughter of Colonel Sevak Kh'via, one of the most respected officers in the V'Shar and rumored to be one of the leading assassins during the Dominion War.

Undoubtedly, someone like Vaihuu was important to the whole of Starfleet, not just the Sharps or the Hvallis. Captain e'Hvalli had been exiled permanently after she tried to assassinate Empress Sela, while a young member of the Tal'Shiar. She a former protegee of the Romulan Empress, which meant she was in a position to know her well, as well as be a thorn in her side. Rumor had it, Sela still had an open bounty on her head. Zadari guessed initially that was why Jane had been eager to capture this woman, however, standing here, staring at her as she shifted against her chains, her wrists raw against the naked duranium restraints, she began to wonder about Jane's true motivations for kidnapping her.

Despite the controversy over the Hvallis' involvement with Praetor Taris, Starfleet showed no signs that they would stop protecting her. They had decorated her well, and had rewarded her with a shiny new science ship to command. Such a pretty ship it had been too.

For someone like Mistress Nori, a job such as this one had to be personal. But why? Jane never hid the fact she worked for the Hvallis twenty years ago "keeping their books" as she liked to put it, and it seemed she had been considered a member of the house. There were also rumors around the company that Admiral Sharp was a high profile client.

"Enjoying the view?" Vaihuu asked sarcastically. Her melodious voice pierced through the stale air, and dashed away Zadari's musings.

"You won't get far."

"I doubt your mommy will find us before we can deliver you, so I wouldn't think about it too much." Zadari replied.

"I wouldn't count on that." Vaihuu shifted on the bench, and moved her wrists against her shackles, the chains attached to the base of the bulkhead behind the bed to her right clattering against themselves.

"These are a bit much aren't they?"

Zadari shrugged. "You put up so much of a fuss, I felt they were warranted."

Vaihuu chuckled, and leaned forward, giving Zadari a daring glare. "You should be afraid of me."

Captain Iminei was suddenly hit from behind by an energy weapon blast, and fell to the deck unconscious.

Vaihuu turned a surprised emerald eye to a young Romulan woman whom she didn't recognize clutching a disruptor. The intruder alert alarm began to sound, causing her to jump. The Romulan quickly bent down and grabbed Captain Iminei's disruptor, and then stepped over the two. She typed on the forcefield keypad, releasing it.

"Come on." She said. She reached to Vaihuu's wrists and removed the shackles. Grabbing her by her hand she pulled her to her feet and shoved the disruptor at her.

Vaihuu grinned. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. She took the disruptor and fumbled with the controls, changing its settings to a narrow beam and heavy stun.

"My name is T'Vel. I've disabled the internal sensors, so they can't detect us for now."