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03-28-2012, 01:18 PM
@dontdrunkimshoot, Yes indeed The DoT of the Plasma-Disruptors stack also. I had both of its procs + plasma torp proc, with the plasma proc stacked twice and the plasma torp proc stacked 3 times

@Raudl, Weaker by only 2 damage points (and a loss of 1 DPS lol). If your all about getting every point then sure, "weak" it is But then again it has the Plasma proc and the Disruptor proc. Think of it as a modifier like [Acc] or [Dmg]. Its basically a Purple Mk XI [PlaP] [DisP] [Acc]

@Sosuhno, Lmao!

@Aries2507, Nope doesn't help nor touch on the subject of what my question was about, at all lol. Maybe the PvE/PvP Gameplay sections of the STO Forum will be more fitting Thanks anyway.