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Ok I have opened 2 tickets and no response to my problem, I can't see zone chat or talk in it, I can't see non friends chat or emotes nor do i get their invites to anything, I have made alot of cstore purchases and have played at least 200 hours on my main character and still nothing, I have opened tickets to no response, and I actually want to buy the eng ody, but i refuse to put money into a game where i can't talk, when my guild mates are quiet, it feels like im playing a single player game. I have reset my chat interface 20 times, so im kinda stuck here, none of my characters can talk in zone and if they aren't in a fleet they really can't see or talk in any channel (well they can talk but noone can see them) PLEASE FIX THIS! I mean have a gm log onto my acct and go in game and he/she will see the problem.