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Commander Tevnu Nori flashed a piercing gray eye at Korgok as the older Klingon man typed on the operations console.

"I'm sorry, Mistress. Whoever disabled the sensors did it in such a way, I can't override it."

"Seal off every deck from here to every airlock." She ordered.

"Commander, I am detecting an unauthorized shuttle launch." Dala said, the young Orion woman, her breathy voice sounding almost uncharacteristic.

"Lock on a tractor beam and beam them out of there."

Korgok's hands flew up the console. "I have them, Mistress, but there is a scattering field in place that's preventing us from beaming them."

Tevnu frowned as the the space behind the shuttle started to shimmer, and the starfield became distorted.

"Commander, I am detecting a large tachyon field, and a large concentration of chronitons in front of us." Said Science Officer Ranek.

The distortion cleared, revealing a large, menacing warship. It was black in color, and somewhat resembled a Mogai class warbird, but much larger and instead of a single set of wings there were two. The windows and running light trimmings glowed a bright greenish color, as did the markings of the Romulan Star Empire.

"They've locked their weapons onto us, and we're being hailed." Korgok said.

She turned her head to the Yridian at tactical who shook his head.

"We're definitely not a match for that." He said quietly, and typed a few buttons on his console to prevent Commander Nori from seeing his hands tremble.

The door to the turbolift hissed opened and Tevnu's eyes fell upon the figure of Captain Iminei, clutching to Lieutenant Xaro. Both the Bolian and the Trill turned their attention to the viewscreen.

"Get to your station." Zadari said, her voice breathy as she pushed Xaro to one of the aft weapons stations.

Everyone on the bridge was staring at her, some with relief; some like Commander Nori, with disdain. She turned her pale blue eyes to Commander Nori, and stared at her as she ascended to the command platform.

Tevnu rose slowly from the command chair, keeping her hand on the soft Targ leather back, and her eyes locked with Zadari's. She distinctly felt the presence of the Alhalan dagger on her hip. Zadari was quite a fighter by the look in her eye, but there was that little hint of hesitation that Starfleet had ingrained into her. Though, she had a clear advantage, now was not the time to argue.

"On screen." Tevnu said, cautiously, still facing her.

A small smile crossed the thin lips of Captain Iminei and she turned from the Orion woman to the view screen. The image of the Romulan warship was replaced couldn't be. Zadari frowned in confusion. Vice Admiral Kim Sharp?

Except, this was not what she expected. The last time Captain Iminei had heard, Vice Admiral Kim Sharp was still attached to Starbase 23, not at the helm of some Romulan monstrosity. She also was still in Starfleet. This Admiral Sharp wore the ceremonial robes, and the crown of the Romulan Empress. In fact, the emblem on both the crown and on the breast of the dark green robe bore the crest of the Hvalli house. The Empress of the Romulan Star Empire was not a Hvalli, nor was it Kim Sharp.

The human female's chiseled features held a dark, dispassionate expression, her eyes cold and ruthless. This was not the face of someone recently married, or promoted. Either something terrible had happened and the Admiral had lost her mind, or this wasn't the same version of Kim.

"I am Empress Kimberly t'Hvalli of the Romulan Star Empire. You have ten seconds to release the shuttlecraft or we will open fire." Her voice was flat, piercing, and cold with aggression.

Tevnu opened her mouth to reply, and was silenced by Captain Iminei's firm hand on her arm.

"Release the shuttle." Captain Iminei said, not taking her eyes off the viewscreen.

"Tractor beam disengaged." Korgok said.

The human female on the viewscreen smiled cordially, her cobalt blue eyes flashing menacingly.

"I am detecting a transporter signature." Korgok said watching the shuttle disappear in front of them. His voice was quiet as his heard thudded nervously in his chest.

"Thank you, Captain." Empress t'Hvalli said. She lifted a muscular hand and waved her fingers mockingly. "Ta ta!"

The viewscreen switched off and the ship slowly shimmered from view.

Tevnu glanced over at the science monitor against the aft wall, noting the rise in tachyons and what appeared to be a temporal displacement field of unprecidented size. She turned her eyes back to Captain Iminei.

"Now what do we do?!" Korgok growled.