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Originally Posted by Cokecan View Post
I must have had amazing luck then, because I've done a large number of Cure Normal runs myself and have yet to fail the mission entirely. Fail the optional? Yeah, because someone said they could guard the Kang when in fact they could not. I usually take it upon myself to guard it now, see if anyone helps, then if they seem competent enough at it I'll wander off to help focus on the Cube/Nanite group everyone else is on.

But I'll still be looking in my "rear view mirror" to see if they need help. Thanks to the STFs, my situational awareness has certainly improved significantly!
Generally speaking, I can protect the Kang in a Normal Cure by myself without any BoP's or Raptors getting even close enough to fire a shot. And I have a ball doing it. But all too often often, someone who doesn't have a clue how to do a Cure says I'm spawn camping or Farming if I do it. This is even with it being obvious that I click PASS on almost everything that drops. So I've pretty much quit doing it.

The second senerio is when Nobody protects the Kang. In these I'll knock out a probe and a couple raptors at the Cube then rush back to protect the Kang. No problem, I can still keep the Borg away without them getting close enough to the Kang to fire a shot.

Often what happens now in a Normal Cure is One player who may or may not know what they are doing will yell, 'I'll Take the Kang.'

So he'll take the kang and all TOO often another ship or two or three or four will follow him to the Kang and set.

Now when someone blurts out 'I'll protect the Kang' I'm always suspicious. So I try to keep a good eye on what's happening while I work on the first Cube.

I'll even fly close enough to the Kang to see what the other ships are using for weapons when i can. If i see a bunch of Rainbows or Skittles then I know we're in trouble and i may have my work cut out for me.

I'll click on the ship also to see what kind of experiance the others have when I can but usually I can see right away. An Oddy with Rainbow Beams equals no experiance.

IF the one, two, three or four ships can REALLY protect the Kang I can usually take out all three Cubes by myself in the alotted time. I just like it a lot more when I have a little help which I usually do have.

One of the ships protecting the Kang will sometimes say something to the others who have followed him about killing the Cubes and I will ALWAYS say something to the other ships at the Kang to help out at the Cubes. Usually these pleas fall on deaf ears.

Usually at the last Cube all those protecting the Kang will move forward closer to the Cube and start helping to kill it.

But unfortunatly this isn't always the case.

I've seen several complete losses because the one, two, three, or four ships at the Kang didn't have the DPS to kill the BoP's.

In fact, One complete loss was within the first three (or there abouts) minutes before the first Cube was even dead!

There was one person protecting the Kang and nobody made it back, includi ng me, in time after the optional dropped to save the game. I saw ships heading that way before i could get away from the Cube but none made it in time. On the way back we all saw the ship protcting the Kang was a Rainbow Beam Boat, hence lies the problem. Plus, the guy protecting the Kang NEVER called for help. Which isn't at all unusual.

But I've heard several people say they've never had a complete loss on a Normal Cure. But don't worry, If you play enough you will see EVERYTHING.