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Originally Posted by kostamojen View Post
Fleet Escort

Forward Weapons: 3x Dual Heavy Cannons (same type), 1x Quantum Torpedo
Rear Weapons: 3x Turrets (same type as front cannons)

Engineering Consoles: EPS Console (Or Grappler OR Impulse Capacitance Cell), Neutronium Console, Electroceramic Hull Plating
Science Consoles: Science Consoles: Field Generator, Assimilated Module
Tactical Consoles: 3x of the Energy Weapon type you are using (Ex. Phaser Relay, Plasma Infuser, etc.), 1x Zero Point Quantum Chamber

Devices: Subspace Field Modulator (defensive buff, similar to Brace for Impact) plus one of the Following - Red Matter Capacitor, Rechargeable Shield Battery, Scorpion Fighters, or Shield batteries

Bridge Officer Skills -

Commander Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Canon Scatter Volley 2, Attack pattern Omega 3 (Or Beta 3)
Lt. Commander Tactical: Tactical Team 1, Torpedo Spread 2, Cannon Scatter Volley 2
Lt. Science: Transfer Shield Strength 1, Hazard Emitters 2
Lt. Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields 1, Reverse Shield Polarity 1
Ensign Engineering: Emergency Power to Shields 1 (OR Emergency Power to Weapons 1)

I am Lvl 40, RA-LH flying a Gryphon/Hermes Fleet Escort...

Considering my 'budget' and the limited time I have to spend within game... and the fact that this is my LAST, free ship...

Taking note of a few items listed as suggested for Fleet Escorts; the Field Generator for example is rather quite an expensive piece of equipment...

What sort of advice could be offered as alternatives to such devices?

At present my Fleet Escort has the following...

x3 Dual Heavy Phaser Cannons
x1 Quantum Torp

x3 Phaser Turrets


x2 RCS +32% ( I .. 'like' .. surprising them with such a fast turn rate! )
x1 EPS Flow Regulator

x1 Emitter Array

x3 Phaser Relay
x1 Zero Point Quantum Chamber

My am working on tweaking my BoFF's at the moment, based on some advice I've read in both this thread as well as some others...

Also, following the advice from some others, in other Theads (some who have been posting in this thread!); I've dumped one of my fore Torp Launchers in favor of a 3rd Cannon; as well as dumping my Aft Torp Launcher in favor of a 3rd Turret... though I may also experiment with swapping one of my Cannons for a Beam...

But for now, I want to figure out what I can do for improvement with my Consoles.

As I said, I like having the RCS consoles, I just looove such a tight turn radius.

BUT; that was more useful in PvE when I was running with dual Torps; one Fore and one Aft, and flying in and pelting theheck outta PvE battleships with High Yield, then pulling a super fast 180 and spitting out another dozen from the aft launcher with Torp Spread! lol

However, I know that when it comes to PvP; I ought consider sacrificing at least one of that RCS consoles in favor of another; such as an Armor based console, but I am not sure which I would benefit the most from. Some of the more rare and harder to acquire ones would be out of the question; especially if they cost 1 - 2+ million, a piece, on the Exchange... . I spent my entire previous 10 levels (30 - 40) selling off all my loot and quest rewards on the Exchange just to save up enough EC to be able to outfit this Fleet Escort properly; I've dumped about 650K EC into it so far and loaded it all with Rare/Ultra Rare Mk XI gear, and at the moment I have about 500K left in the bank.

I also have about 200 cp, that I .. could .. swap for Dilithium on the D-Ex though it would only gave me about 50,000 dilithium, but I don't think that would get me any decent consoles! LOL Besides, I would rather save my CP for either, some future purchases on additional BoFF slots when I need them; or use it to acquire more dilithium when I DO, get up to the point where I can acquire a better ship.

Now if some Consoles rewarded from some of the future campaign runs (Borg, Breen, Undine) would be worth trying to aqcuire then I can go and try skipping through the rest of my Romulan campaign, and skip through some others to get there...

Any suggestions?