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03-28-2012, 10:48 PM
Originally Posted by feistyfawn View Post
I really like to play STF. You never how it will finish
So I noticed some people can hit target from far away more than 10km. the cruiser and the target are 5more than 10 kilometres away from each other. I read that 10 km is the max range of weapon. But... For example. Yesterday. I saw someone who hit cube from 12km. I know because I went near him to check the distance/range.
What do they use? Is it a console? Is it a kind of weapon? Is it an tactical officer ability? I'm looking for any information about.
The shot was fired while within the 10k. Once resolved by the system it will hit, even if the distance exceeds 10km when then shot is displayed. Many new users don't realize this can occur and call hax when it happens. Evasive maneuvers used for an escape is notorious for this occurring.