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03-29-2012, 01:57 AM
Originally Posted by RedShirtJohnson
Title says it all.

In game the Odyssey is labeled as a Odyssey Star Cruiser... this feels wrong. The size of the Odyssey alone should exclude it from the Star Cruiser division and put her more in line with Battle Cruiser or dare I say a Dreadnought.
If Star Cruisers and Battle Cruisers were Naval Ships, then the Galaxy X Dreadnought would be basically the equivalent to the HMS Vanguard which carried 8 fifteen inch (38 cm) Guns on it and weighed 45,200 tons. The Odyssey on the other hand, would be the equivalent to the Japanese Batttleship Yamato which weighed in at 72,809 tons when fully loaded, which is heavier than the HMS Queen Elizabeth (an Aircraft Carrier). Keep in mind however, that in the real world naval battleships and dreadnoughts are kind of obsolete these days.

It should be noted that terms Star Cruiser, and Battle Cruiser are both kind of synonymous with the sense of any type of Cruiser that has been built specifically for the purpose of Interstellar Travel (Star Cruiser) as well as which has been armed for the purpose of defending itself in an armed conflict (Battle Cruiser).

To that end, pretty much all of the Heavy Cruisers of the Federation would be capable of being classified as both Battle and Star Cruisers depending on the context. Heck the Original Enterprise from the Original Series (as well as it's refit model) despite not being what is technically a Heavy Cruiser, has been classified as both a Star Cruiser (Federation) and a Battle Cruiser (Klingons). So the question really is one of perspective.

Also I would remind you that although the Odyssey cannot equip Dual Cannons and up, it can technically equip Single Barreled Cannons. So there is at least that.

Originally Posted by b00crackers
On a slow turning chunk of floating city is beyond me.....even for the klingons version....this thing is a wee much to keep a target in yer front sights laddy.
I could actually see the argument in favor of Dual Cannons / Dual Heavy Cannons or heck even Quad Cannons having some merit if the Odyssey were in perpetual Chevron Separation Mode. But as it is that is not the case, thus the argument is kind of pointless.