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03-29-2012, 03:01 AM
Originally Posted by jam062307 View Post
still no fix for the field generator consoles? Nerfing the console into uselessness!
This is because not enough people spoke out about it. Yeah, yeah, I know . . . the thread on the subject has like 12 pages of people speaking against it, but that's nothing compared to the amount of people actually playing the game, meaning that not even a fraction of the players that play the game actually care if it is nerfed or not. In order for the Devs to take player feedback seriously, the feedback needs to come from the MAJORITY of the player base, and that feedback needs to be constructive. Thus, it is no surprise that the console will be nerfed.

I never used the silly console anyway, but I did speak out in the thread against the nerf to back my fellow players. But nonetheless it was very obvious that too few players cared about the nerf or more people would have spoken out about it.

If you want this to be taken seriously, then put forth some effort. You need to network. Talk to friends in game. If they feel the same, then tell them to get over here and post. For me, my current forum display settings have it to where 10 posts display per page. The feedback thread currently has 12 pages at the time I post this. Thatís . . . 120 posts. SOME of those posts are by the same individual (one individual in there posted like 5 times), but even if they were not by the same person thatís . . . 120 people . . . in a game with at LEAST a few THOUSAND players online at any particular time.

In order for anything to be taken as a serious issue by the player base, a MAJORITY of the players need to vote on it. Hang out at DS9, ESD or the First City and speak out . . . see how people REALLY feel about the issue and get them to post their opinion here:

12 pages might seem like a lot of posts, but the way I see it we havenít even began to speak on how we feel about the issue. I posted for my fleet to give this attention. Thus more folks there might post on the issue. Your fleets are a GREAT start to rally support for getting the devs to give consideration to a game change.