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03-29-2012, 05:10 AM
Originally Posted by jdb2008 View Post
Well, the last I played before the new skill system was a while ago and back then, 2 of these consoles kept my power levels above 100 when firing beams. Not so much now. I don't use them at all as I don't really change power settings in combat or ever and I drop impulse early to get power back to systems. Emergency power to X with batteries appear to be superior to giving the EPS a single console slot.
This does depends on the ship you are running, if a Cruiser, then you should be on 125/75 and 125/65 in both weapons and sheilds anyway, and you use EPtX to get these up at the start of a fight anyway. Question is tho, what do you use in the extra eng console slot.

RCS are basically useless in a cruiser. Neutronium Alloy + Ship Specific Conole + Assimilated, you the 4th could be used for another Neutronium if you like I spose