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03-29-2012, 07:01 AM
Originally Posted by TrinTrekTron
I am in the same process actually. I think my old sauvy will be sweet. One thing I know is that Weapon Specialization spec increases crit rate tremendously. While it is a tough sacrifice, I choose it over engine performance points. Also, accuracy is a must. You must spec into Starship Targeting systems. If you want a cruisar with great turning though you should check into an Excelsior, also a great boat and the added Lt Cm Tac slot opens all kinds of possiblities.

oh, add weapon power alone will not gain u as much dps as the right skill points will
I have no idea, why you dont have both 9/9 in Weap Spec and 6/9 in engines,

9/9 give u +25crit %,