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03-29-2012, 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by patrikchrudim
That's really impressive! But this damage is based on captain's skills, I have to use retrain token...
Currently I have some skill point in projectile weapons, but I don't have torpedoes...

Which type of BO skills you use? I have Fire at will 1 and Beam overload 1 + 2.
Depends on what I am doin, if PvE, than 2xFAW1 + 1xAPB1, if PvP, 1xBO1 + 1xTT1 +1xHYT2.

Don't take all 3 beam skills as you cant use them all because of the subsystem cooldown. It is also worth pointing out that even if u use 1torpedo and 7beams, the points in projectile weapon systems are prolly not worth it, due to the amount of times that you just cant get your nose (or tail) on the target quick enuff while their shields are down .

A skill build something like this, is about the best you can get.