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03-29-2012, 09:11 AM
Originally Posted by Storm-Strike
You said there was NO CANON saying they can do things over the 6 km or 10km (for firing). I have shown many. Then you say there's still no canon. So TV/Movies aren't canon? Edited for a link of someone showing MANY times in the shows the ability to fire at more than 10 km.

Therefore as said from the start of the exchange, Cryptic didn't actually truly capture a lot of Star Trek space aspects.
Dude, you're hearing what you want to hear. Kindly don't put words in my mouth. When I say there is no canon in terms of ranges and distances what I am referring to is the lack of consistency even between the various episodes/movies. Yes, there are many occasions when scanners and weapons could be used over much larger distances than the game allows. But there are others when ranges are being called out in meters.

I never said scanners couldn't be used at ranges over a few miles. You saying I said it doesn't make it so. In fact I've shown you twice how devs work around the "short range scan" limitation imposed by the object interaction standard on the space maps. But ranges in Star Trek aren't covered in the writer's bible, and they aren't dictated by technical guidelines. Ranges in Star Trek are adjusted to suit the dramatic requirements of the moment.

All I said was that because the show is riddled with these inconsistencies in regards to weapon and scanner ranges the devs had no choice but to assign some standards to make the game playable, and no matter what choices they made they would have been violating "canon", because the "canon" you are talking about doesn't exist. It is internally inconsistent.