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03-29-2012, 09:17 AM
This alone break the 'even' factor was supposedly looked for

One wonders if this was even considered before the 'tweak'

Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
You keep missing the point.

The problem with this change is that it is an uneven nerf.

The problem is that some ships, like my KDF Tac in his BoP, can stack 3 of these which means he has more shields than he has now with a single 35% console.

My Fed Tac on the other hand, in his Bugship, now drops down to a single 18% console with no way to make up for the loss.

The MVAE? It can stack 3 of these for greater than prior benefit.

The Defiant? It can only stack 2 of these for prior functionality.

The Oddy Sci can stack 4 of these, for more than double (+72%) than it was able to with one 35% console.

The Dread & Assault Cruiser on the other hand can only stack 2.

The Bortas is really unfortunate, because it is a heavy battle cruiser but it can only use 1.

This is what I mean by an uneven nerf.

In addition to that, these consoles are seen as "must have" items. They are effectively a 1 slot console slot tax.

Now, they will eat up more console space than they did previously.

That's why I keep suggesting the following solutions:

Keep it unique, at 35%. This is the same console slot cost for everyone and does not punish any ships unfairly vs. other ships - I really do not believe the devs went ship by ship to see how this would work out.


Remove it from the game, and adjust either all shield items to have their capacity where the devs feel they should be or alternatively (and I think a better solution) remove it from the game and adjust the shield modifiers of ship classes directly. This would be a more precise way for the devs to put all shields where they want them, in the context of the current state of the game.

Even if the second suggestion ends up in an overall reduction for everyone in shields, its at least a fair and even nerf across the board for everyone/ship.

Unlike the proposed ship, where some ships can actually make out better than when the item was unique and others making out worse.

There are no "interesting" choices for non-sci ships to make, because the best option is to slot as many of these as your ship allows.