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03-29-2012, 10:47 AM
I have had similar Normal Cure runs, where they need four to protect the Kang, and lately I would be the only TAC in the run and yet no one cures the Kang. Or I will tell them I need more then myself to take on the Cubes to beat the time limit.

I was onced called a Noob after destroying a cube and three cruisers with a another escort couldn't protect the Kang. The vocal player was telling me that they were doing the 10percent Cube. I told them it was unnecessary because it is a normal run and the BOPs and Raptors are not as powerful. What amazed me was not only could they take on the Bops and Raptors, the Kang was destroyed. The only thing of good merit I discovered was that I can take on a Cube base by myself, it may take a few more mins, but I can.