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03-29-2012, 09:59 AM
I have built Star Trek models for twenty years. Will the Model errors be addressed concerning the scale of DS9 and its details, as well as various errors with the Sovereign-class, Nebula-class, Galaxy-class, Cheyenne-class, Excelsior-class, Excelsior Refit, Constitution-class REFIT, Miranda-class, the TOS Connie's bussard spin, D-7/K'Tinga cruiser, scale of the Vor'Cha, scale of the D'Deridex? The scales seem to be simple correctable issues, the physical errors run a little deep, the models seem to be very simplistic, and not at all accurate other than the overall shape.They're missing AZTEC patterns on the hull and are not accurate to what we see on the show. Really DS9 is almost 10 times larger than it should be and is not at all screen accurate, especially the docking ports. Will these errors be addressed at all?