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03-29-2012, 10:00 AM
Question #1

With the addition of DOFF assignments to our ship interior, we as players are spending more time inside our ships.

Will we see a ship interior revamp in the near future, allowing for NPC crew uniform customization, BOFF placement at particular stations, and graphical revamps on interiors for scale, quality and customization?

Question #2

Will we see more mid-sized and small ships added to Tier 5 in the near future, which have a more "traditional" Starfleet look (Saucer, Primary Hull, 2 Nacelles) to give people options that differ from the current T5 looks of: Super Massive Cruiser, 4 nacelle ship, flying brick, etc?

Question #3

We've been told there will be no T5 Constitution added to the game. What about the possibility of a T5 Excalibur, in the similar vein as the T5 B'Rel?