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03-29-2012, 10:07 AM
Originally Posted by Storm-Strike
Flying in circles, scanners having a 6 km limit (although many eps spoke of scanning a lot further away than that), combat flying in circles because the enemy instantly changes direction to match you to stay on your sides, etc. There are many flaws in this game and no fanboism can change that.

We started down the path because you tried to prove this statement wrong. Even go so far as to say there is no canon to support this statement. I have since shown example after example after example of it to be true via the shows/movies. And each time you reply there is no canon to support this.

I have yet to see you supply ONE instance from the shows/movies of them having to get within 6km to scan, fly in circles during combat or just to go "up" and "down" (that's kind of off since space really doesn't have an up or down in the traditional sense of how we see it while planetside on Earth), enemy instant changing directions to stay on the side, or anything I pointed out here.

But several times the reply is there is no canon for scanning more than 6km or firing further than 10km (which is even mentioned in STO's tutorial for crying out loud). So show me examples from the show that says they can't scan further than 6km or fire more than 10km. I'm tired of giving examples yet get back "there is no canon" comments.