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03-29-2012, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by president******* View Post
It would be nice to have a standard uniform (one for each class) so your crew all have your standard created uniforms. In addition your Bridge Officers start with this uniform when recruited.

Now that we can access our ship interiors, I want my crew in the proper uniform before I got to toss them all in the brig.

Another request of mine is to have a second uniform for Bridge Officers. Not sure if this is already available, as I am a F2P player.
I'm in full agreement with both of these; in fact, I've specifically suggested the latter.

The BOffs should have the same costume slots as the Captain, and change at the same time. That way, when we beam down to Risa in our casual clothes, our BOffs are in their casual clothes as well without the player having to manually change every one every time.

Oh, and we'd need two standard crew/DOff uniforms for each class, one for male and one for female. That's a total of six uniforms; while that's a bit of work to do, at least it only has to be done once (per character).