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03-29-2012, 06:19 PM
Originally Posted by allanjb
Khitomer space NORMAL, Myself and a Fleetmate decided to PUG in, How bad could it be, Everything starts great everybody chats, and we decide who is going where. The Cube in the middle drops like a rock, I'm thinking this is awesome.

My fleetmate takes off to do probes right, the rest of us go left, Everything is going good until the PUG on probes left runs into trouble! The other 2 run to help him and Never come back! And to top it all off they let a probe thru! My fleetmate and I end up taking both sides down by ourselves well these 3 PUGS flew around in circles NEEDING every drop,

I dunno if people (F2P) don't read the forums or what, But in the last week I have run into more Rainbow Beam Boats than ever before, And Cannons to PUG into Infected space Wednesday, counted red green and blue, on an Advance Escort. Every time he hit his Scatter Volley looked like a Pack of Skittles exploded
Pardon my noobness to the terms but when you say rainbow beam boats, what do you mean exactly?