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Originally Posted by Roach View Post
I suck at reading those itty-bitty icons on my foes and target calling/vessel recognition.
once u pvp enough youll recognize the graphic that displays on the ships themselves, and eb able to read the field of all buffs so to speak. everyone can see rsp for miles, u better see that feedback pulse, or the extends beam.

some people see the enemies buffs before they use them :0 prescient visions aside, be aware of your surroundings.

The best pvpers know when the time is right, when u can see the red in their eyes and smell the bongwater. The best target callers rapid switch targets and abuse the window of vulnerability in their targets buff cycle. They call for snb, and other buffs/debuffs/ battle commands.

The most experinced puggers, with deep insights into far more than what their enemy's current state of buff/debuff, draw like predators to the weak and prime for attack. They sense through the air of battle, who is ripe.

I often , if not always, approach first the enemy squadron and pick a target instantly based on position, not class or ship type. Ill begin my pre burst phase of feint, debuff, and activate a defensive pattern drawing the ball away from the target and circling around approaching with the rest of the team.

After the first target drops or if it doesnt callign a second, third and so on. Great pvpers disregard targets at their own whim, often to the intense advantage of the team.

I often call targets and attack somethign else, and understand completely when people dont attack the target i am calling. I immediately switch to the most appropriate tarrget at the time depending on what the other players are doing, whether its part of my plan (current) or not.

Most people know me by now or halfway thru the match when i call a target if i dont drop it with my own dps its gonna be damn close or a total wash. If they dont die or are severely weakend, they are not going to die, and tis obvious to attack another.

Be AGGRESSIVE. put pressure on targets. Every escort you alpha is one reacting and NOT dpsing their teams primary. Every healer u burn on wastes his heals on himself, etc. The simple fact of BEING CHASED is enough to impact a battle immeasurably. Drawing aggro alone is nice, but causing the pieces of the board to move in a pattern u can predict based on your own flightpath is an extreme advantage.

Most people bite, and sometimes they connect and you die, thats life. Think loose netwook and not solid ball. Best fed escorts are rovers, close to the 10k heal bubble but capable of popping 30k out and back at will. Mobility, beyond any metric of defense or opponents accuracy, is the MOST relevant factor in this game. No one EVER talks about it.

I could go on for hours, but the basic tenets of starship combat can not be overstated. Reacting situationally at every second to everything. Its possible(as an escort) to break into a realm of untouchability. Not becus of a buff cycle, or p2w console, but becus u cant ever be REALLY hurt if you are ultra slick, and dont run into any haymakers (snb, psw without prot..etc).

Your not gonna get uber critted from anything if u dont expose yourself to it. Stay out of the fore arc and avoid dbb bo and cannons, that simple. Attack all ships from the side/rear. Dont worry about flying in formation or anything silly like that. Run circles aroudn the slower ships on your team and position yourself rapidly to avoid/draw aggro as needed.

As a closing note, the orchestrator of your own batle relies on one thing to receive the relevant information necessary. Camera control. If you arent slick with camera controls and looking aorund constantly/seeing whats going on, your gonna be missing alot of the action.

i find the players i fight against who are hardest to kill and give me quick deaths have great TIMING and COORDINATION. Whether using skills or piloting your ship, knowing when to hit evasives and when to actually run away, knowing when a targets gonna pop and when its time to go defensive becus ur enemies about to unload.

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