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03-30-2012, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by smi3th
Right now I am approaching L40 and have to think about what my next ship will be. I am a Tac captain and will be going with an escort... the question is which one?

It mostly comes down to what Bridge officer slot I want. Right now my Science Boff has Polarize Hull 1 and Hazard Emitters 2, while my Engineering Boff has Increase power to Shields 1 and Reverse Shield Polarity 2. It really boils down to which level 1 Boff power I want, and it most likely will be either Engineering Team or Science Team. So which one of those do you think a ship should not be without?

I am leaning towards Science Team because there seem to be more weird science debuffs that you need to protect yourself from than Engineering debuffs. But Engineering Team gives me a way to repair hull which I don't otherwise have.

If I was just picking based on ship performance I'd probably take the fleet Escort because you get more crew and engineering consoles seem to be more generally useful than science consoles.

What do those with experience think?

Thanks in advance for your help.
Go FE, take 2xEPtS1 + RSP/ET2, with HE1 and ST2, and you wont be sorry