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03-30-2012, 05:38 AM
Originally Posted by CaptainHorizon
Begin troll thread: (Jk lol)

3 Simple facts to understand about this game:

1. Feds have the best escorts (MVAE, Defiant)
2. Feds have the best Cruisers (Odyssey)
3. Feds have the best Science ship (Intrepid)

Have fun, Kill bad guys

Very nice Captain! And unfortunately I think you are correct. Can't speak about the ody bc I haven't tried it, but the bortasqu is a fine ship. Really don't know how the impact of the shield cap would change the ballance of it vs the ody, especially with broken tet glider, but I think we'll find out.

One side note: I find the toy consoles that come with bortasqu not very useful, the disruptor auto cannon can miss 100% against a fast moving escort with evasives on (don't know if thats related to the recent patch, but before the max misses were about half maximum), the pet is almost useless and the teleport console is also useless against a good escort since the time the target is disabled is needed for the auto cannon to start firing, abd by the time it fires, the escort looses the disable and is long gone, lol). So, considering those, the Ody may be a better choice (again, haven't tested any ody personally).