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03-30-2012, 07:59 AM
Originally Posted by smi3th
So you don't bother with Polarize Hull? What is your strategy for dealing with tractor beams? Does Science Team help with those?

Polarize hull is good, but Attack Pattern Omega is the best true that double true... breaks tractor locks plus in PVP can increase your turn rate like a champ. In STF's an well timed use of APO can determine whether or not you need to respawn. APO 1 is a LT CMD Tac Bof Slot, APO 2 & 3 are used by CMD Tac Bofs (APO 3 can be trained by tac captains)

Also, I'm a fleet escort guy myself due to the fact that I have leaned on a lot of engineering skills with my Tac Captain and my Bofs, plus with its extra crew and engineering console it can take way more damage than arguably ever other end game escort.

WITH THAT SAID, if you are big into science skills then you might want to consider the Advanced Escort as it does have two sci Bof slots plus an additional sci console.

Another advantage to the Advanced Escort is that if at some point you were thinking of buying the VA Multi-Vector Escort from the c-store then you wouldn't have to do a lot of respec'ing and rebuilding if/when you got it.

o' re: science team - IMO rock ensign bof tac slots with tactical team... it has a damage boost that helps with escorts plus it instantly directs shield strength from your ship shields to which ever shield coming under attack.. Since tac team and sci team share a cool down, sci team is rendered useless with this set up.