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03-30-2012, 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by jg2112
I've noticed something. In TOS, there are things such as communicators, which could only be used to contact people, and nowadays, we've got communicators way more advanced than in Star Trek. So how would the future actually unfold if we've currently got things that were in star trek, and stuff even more advanced than that? If we are almost as futuristic as that nowadays, than how much more would it be compared to Star Trek?
Well.. communicators apparantly can reach subspace signals and reach people in orbit around the planet, so I am not entirely sure ours are more advanced. But they seem to provide more everyday utility (It helps that we don't have to use them on planets wtihout electricity, wireless lan and GSM/EDGE etc. networks...)

Maybe in the 23rd century, we would simply have some implant that allows instant communicaiton with everyone, and use the internet like a "brain extension", like a part of our own memory - but maybe more stable on some level - but also more malleable on another. Our "normal" memory alters itself over time due to the way and frequency we use it, and details change. The internet changes based on what everyone around the globe is doing - adding sites, changing texts in a wiki.

Of course, a 21st century version of the TOS Away Team would probably still be on a remote planet where all this doesn't exist - so probably every away team member has access to each other's mind (if required/desired) and the entire Enterprise Database, possibly even the entire crew of the ship, as long as communication can be maintaned. Kirk woulnd#t have to call some specialist to look at something - he may just relay the information directly to her and she'd tell him what he's looking at - provided the recognition software wouldn'T get anything from the Enterprise database in the first place.

Redshirts would still die sudden and tragic deaths, but what he saw would be transmitted to everyone so everyone knows the mysterious attacker is some salt vampire creature that just looks like a hottie.