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03-30-2012, 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by Shook-Yang
I lost ~1k shields with the nerf. Not too big a deal. I actually think I died less (or, not at all) in Elite STFs last night. Didn't the change log say they weakened them a bit?
Did you check that while on the ground or in space? My MACO Mk XII shield lost close to 3k and my Cov. Mk X Capx3 even more.

Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
They were supposed to be getting rid of the one-shots, but I got one shot twice - one of those times with full hull, full shields and I can't be certain but I'm almost positive I was out of range (I was chasing a target).
They are well known to one-shot 15km and even further. If they're targeted on you and you leave their range, they still hit you. Not too sure why this is such an issue to fix but it seems worse with my escorts shields being lower as a result of the Field Generator Console changes. 6 digit hits are unsurviveable but most are still 85k and up.