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03-30-2012, 12:43 PM
The gameplay is fairly different between the two. They're both "tanky", but the comparisons kind of end there.

The Vo'quv is more complicated, in that you have your launchables, of several types. And it has beam target subsystems like a science ship. And it has more Boff powers than most ships. It also turns like a rock. Seriously though, your button bars will be full of commands. And you'll be really wishing there was a fourth bar.

The negh'var can have a lot of personal firepower to go with its tankiness, can turn well for a cruiser (much, much faster than the carrier), and is a bit more straightforward than the Vo'quv.

If you want a complex ship with lots of options, pick the Vo'quv. If you want a ship that can turn around and pick up loot without using evasive manuevers, pick the Negh'var.