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Hi. Few quick Question. I've been running one of my Escorts in STF missions. Best DPS since I'm a Tac Captain and all that. Occasionally I run my Star Cruiser and let the Borg shoot holes in me so they ignore the little guys but its lacking for DPS...I know I should be in an escort but that is a different subject.

I have no problems building an escort, but these cruisers are a different beast.

This is for a PvE build...I have no plans to play PVP and if I did it would be in an Escort.

Right now the cruiser is loaded with 2x mk12 Quantum Torpedoes[Borg] in the front and 6x Blue Retro Phasers from the Devidian Mission. I know they are average. Basically that cruiser is made to look pretty and those phasers certainly look and sound cool. Everything else is built along the lines of the Dragon idea of rotating Aux powers to weapons and shields. Survivability isn't an issue.

I've been thinking about using it more in Normal STFs and maybe Elites.

So my question is this, will I see a major difference investing in Borg Mk11&12 Antiproton weapons? And is the difference enough to warrant spending a load of salvage to get? Also are the Antiproton [CrtH] [DMG]x2 beams through R&D better then the borg ones?

I know thats probably been asked before, I've only been playing since the game went Free and driving an Escort I usually just took the brute force method of destroying stuff with cannons. I know what the modifiers do.....I'm wondering if its worth the extra investment.

Some help would be appreciated.