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03-30-2012, 12:50 PM
Originally Posted by USS_Ultimatum
They were supposed to be getting rid of the one-shots, but I got one shot on 2 separate occasions - one of those times with full hull, full shields and I can't be certain but I'm almost positive I was out of range (I was chasing a target).
If I had 100% hull, I was usually able to survive a one-shot invisible torpedo. But, my hull would be anywhere between 12%-6% would usually die a few seconds later.

Oh, and yeah...those invisible torpedoes can follow you for quite a bit of distance. At least 15km. In the past, I would evasive maneuvers out of a cube's range. The regular torpedoes follow me fizzled out. A few seconds later, I instantly exploded.

Originally Posted by JCSWW View Post
Did you check that while on the ground or in space? My MACO Mk XII shield lost close to 3k and my Cov. Mk X Capx3 even more.
I have MACO mk XI shields while I was in orbiting space.

My shields used to be a little over 10k. Now, it's 9k. I'm definitely sure it was 10k, because, when I equipped the Omega deflector, my shields would drop a little over 100 points, putting it in just under 10k. Now it's pretty much ~1k with the field generator nerf.

In sector space, it's just under 6k (where consoles and modifiers are not applied).