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03-30-2012, 02:20 PM
Originally Posted by Heretic
Part of the problem, I think, is that along with the shipboard interior changes came a complete re-rigging of the assignment distribution infrastructure, something that was increasingly necessary to avoid some truly chewing gum and bailing wire arrangements to make things appear as would appear reasonable to a human being.

Colonial, Diplomacy and Marauding assignments all wound up being less common than they were intended. A fix is in the pipeline for these, though additional tuning may be necessary as well.

Because of the massive re-rigging, there may be other issues that still need to be resolved that haven't come to our attention as yet.
and not to be a pain here, but given the above, why was this released? Testing it seems isn't long enough some times, I'm using this as a base example of a real problem. Testing on tribble seems to get no response, it does the players little good to test for you if things are not changed based on feedback

I stopped testing things on tribble because it never helped, ever.

That said, so far other than the mentioned bugs my sole complaint about it is now that I need more mission space, IE can we consider upping the amount of missions we have? 20 space 10 department head and 10 personal?