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03-30-2012, 03:32 PM
In terms of sheer usefulness, and having heard a bit of your own preferences... I'd say that the Science version is likely your best bet. The Workbee power can be pretty useful, it's versatile for both solo and group play, and the 45 second cooldown is about as quick as universal console powers get in my experience. Having 4 engineering/4 science/2 tactical slots can be up your alley, depending on how keen you are on being limited to 2 tactical consoles (I'm fine, personally). On top of that, you get sensor analysis... which many people consider overpower. Considering the price the ship costs, I just consider it 'cool' (and the impact to damage you do can rivalize a tactical console's benefit on a single target).

So, the Odyssey science cruiser has my vote. It's too bad you missed the free Odyssey Star Cruiser, though, as you'd likely have been contented with that one.

Saucer separation and the Aquarius escorts are pretty nifty features. I know I'd rather slot all 3 consoles myself for all the cool tricks I get to do, along with a nice set bonus. Each of them are on a 4/5 minute cooldown the moment you finish using them, and you can only use one at a time (one you saucer separate, the aquarius button gets greyed out).

I wouldn't say that the Aquarius has truly decisive DPS, but it does its best to contribute generally, and it's entertaining to see it nip at your targeted adversary aggressively. It does seem to give a better showing of itself than, say, a carrier combat pet or an allied ship summoned through fleet support. It has around 24k hull.

The saucer has much less of a battlefield presence than the Aquarius, but with 35k-ish hull, a bit more endurance. The benefit there is that you get +8 turn rate, some extra power to weapons, but a bit more vulnerability due to your total shield and hull % values going down (you get slightly squishier).

Many people complain that it's hard to track the status of both saucer and auxiliary ship, making it hard to figure out when it is disabled, when to recall it to start the cooldown until next use. They also don't have much of a tendency to steer clear of explosions.

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Mala, if you're buying the Odyssey at all, you're making a long term investment in Star Trek Online. I've the impression that just buying one version might have you later regret not getting the bundle later if you happen to like it. I admit the bundle was pricey - overpriced, actually - but I do admit that I greatly enjoy having the toy it brought along with it. In hindsight, I think I'd regret not getting them all.

I do think I'd have been greatly annoyed at knowing it could saucer separate, or seeing the escort module that I-couldn't-launch in the back. Unfortunately, the C-Store Odyssey doesn't include the ability to swap visuals for the aft module back to the shuttlebay (which is arguably the prettiest, but only available on the freebie Odyssey Star Cruiser).

So, I'd encourage you to really think on why you want an Odyssey in the first place. If you find you have a really damned good reason to want it (flying something that turns slow before that and knowing if you can bear it or not might be important), maybe make the plunge and go for the bundle which costs twice more. It's certainly more economic than getting the abilities you want separately later, or finding that by having only bought a single version with only 1 console that your Odyssey is not that attractive and end up buying another ship after that from the C-Store.

If the Odyssey really feels unappealing due to the steep price, you might just be better off resisting the temptation and waiting for the next nice C-Store ship to come out (i.e.: the Vesta). There are supposedly 10 ships coming down the line, according to the new ship artist, Ian, so there's bound to be more appealing choices in the future. If you really want to spend 2000 CP on something, you might also find the Multi-Vector Advanced Escort (MVAM Prometheus) more satisfying to fly for the purchase, even though I know you're not all that enthused by Pewpewpew escorts (it does have a LtC Science boff station, though, and splitting into three ships to fight can feel pretty empowering).

When all's said and done... your Luna science vessel is already a pretty solid piece of equipment. Having more combat potency beyond being a support-healer build might have more to do with your Boffs and their powers that anything else.