Thread: Which Odyssey?
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03-30-2012, 06:05 PM
Depends on what you want from it.

If you want to tank really well, go with the Sci version. With 4 sci slots you can stack field gens, have decent resists, but just average DPS.

With the Tact version, using a balanced approach puts it on par with the Dreadnaught, doing slightly above average DPS and somewhat decent tanking ability. Or you can go for higher DPS using tact Boffs in the universal stations, but you'll give up some survivability missing out on some of the eng boff abilities. Using the DPS method, you can layout your Boffs nearly the same as an Escorts layout with multiple damage boosting abilities. So the Tact is somewhat more versatile in that regard.

The Eng version is in between. With 5 eng console slots, you can stack some good resists (54% or higher all the way around) and tank fairly well with it also. But the Sci version tanks a bit better IMO and it cant dish the DPS of the Tact version. So the Eng version is the "Jack of all Trades, Master of None" of the three, as the other two do their roles a bit better.