Thread: Which Odyssey?
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03-30-2012, 07:29 PM
Mala, I don't mean to be contrary to the point of this thread, which is about deciding on which Odyssey to settle on (this said, my vote still goes to the Science version), but could the Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit (Tier 5 Excelsior) not fill your objectives better then?

Your engineering captain can train Boffs in engineering skills, and that wouldn't go to waste on the Excelsior Retrofit. Similarily, your tactical captain would still be able to train a tactical officer into knowing a useful skill like Torpedo: High Yield III or Beam:Fire at Will III on the LtC tactical Boff you can fit on the Excelsior Retrofit as well. You mentioned you liked the Luna because you could outfit it with a lot of support powers and that it turned faster than a cruiser... this said, the T5 Excelsior has access to Cmd Engineer abilities, Lt Science abilities and it has a turn rate of 8/inertia of 40 - that's the best you'll find on a C-Store obtainable cruiser. It also costs 400 CP less than the <insert-speciality> Odyssey.

As far as counter-measures go, the Excelsior ought to be able use most of your wished-for counters: science team, engineering team, tactical team, hazard emitters/polarize hull... and the Cmd engineering could also let you pack stuff like Extend Shields to help out team-mates, or auxiliary to structural if you're looking for greater hull recovery. You could have support capabilities without surrendering as much offense as you might feel you do on your Luna.

Whatever choice you choose to make is up to you; I'm just hoping I can support you by helping you make informed decisions. Low turn rate seemed to be a huge factor as to why you left cruisers with your engineering captain in favor of science ships, but you still seemed to enjoy having support powers. It just looks to me like the T5 Excelsior could fit the bill for both your captains... especially if the only science offensive powers you really relied on was Gravity Well (that I noticed) and subsystem targeting (which could fit on the LtC tactical slot).