Thread: Which Odyssey?
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03-31-2012, 12:31 AM
Whatever ship can be both a single-cannon rapid-fire gunship that shreds Borg but trades the dual-cannon punch for more toughness in one configuration, and in the other configuration can do the healing and debuffing of a sci ship but with bigger teeth.

Ran my first STFs (Infected Space) the other day, and what I found was that with the Sci ship I could watch a friendly escort near death as a group of spheres ganged up on them, toss out a gravity well, a subsystem target, and some heals, and watch that escort get a second wind and shred everything. But by the same token when I was on anti-Nanite duty, I could slow down and annoy the oncoming waves, but I simply didn't have the firepower to actually stop groups of spheres. Conversely when I ran the same mission a few times with the tac captain in a fleet escort, it was a dead sphere with every Alpha/CRF pass but I was bored as hell, because shooting was all I could do.

Honestly I just wish the Feds would release a ship with all the universals of the Bird of Prey. My one Klingon captain can be anything and everything depending on what officers I use. And with two very different Fed captains, if I'm gonna pay half a million dilithium for a new ship I want it one that both can use to fix their seperate weaknesses, and that a future 3rd captain will also get use out of. Its just way too expensive to solve the problems of just one character.