Thread: Which Odyssey?
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03-31-2012, 01:18 AM
Well, I guess there's a compelling reason why gravity well and scramble sensors used in combination make for a pretty effective combo in STFs for science ships. ^_^

I don't think you'll find exactly what you're hoping for with the Odyssey, though, regardless of the configuration. At the very best, you're going to get a LtC Science, Lt Science and En science at your disposal along with a Cmd Engineering and Lt Tactical for Boff seating it you want to focus on science powers... but doing so means an investment in auxiliary power to pull off the most from your science abilities - which translates in lesser firepower (and other things). Even in the best of circumstances, I don't really find my own firepower with Attack Pattern Alpha/Beta, firing at will with torpedo spread volleys to make all that much of a difference against the Borg, especially on Elite.

I'm just cautioning you. Don't expect a miracle will happen with how well you'll do in an Odyssey. I get the cringing feeling that it's presently feeling more attractive due to its flavor-of-the-month-ness and grass-looking-greener-elsewhere deal. Your recon sci vessel is really solid - I know, I used it for two years before getting the Odyssey myself.

Eh, I've said my piece. No point in repeating my arguments. I think you got the point. Let us know what you'll pick?