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Originally Posted by ReginaMala View Post
Looking at maybe getting an Odyssey in the near future, as an alternate cruiser for several characters flying science and escort ships (something different). I'm not sure which version to get though, and I'm sure not buying the bulk pack, so I wanted to ask people who already own one or all three about the differences. Since the innate power is a universal console, plus my Borg console, the console differences don't matter to me, so it all comes down to the unique powers.

Does the Aquarius add appreciably to the firepower?

I know the saucer seperation boosts maneuverability, but by how much, and does the saucer add any appreciable firepower?

How much do the worker bees really heal compared to a heal skill, and how often can they be used?

And ultimately, especially for people that know all 3 ships, if you could only have 1, which would it be and why?
The Aquarius is alright but it dies often and is not much of an asset in PvP if that matters to you. It is a little useful in PvE but not particularly amazing.

The Saucer Separation is one of the best abilities. The Saucer itself is not that great for Firepower. Its phaser beam array is more or less a little light show. However, its tractor beam can be nice when it snags an unsuspecting foe. When you drop that saucer though you become MUCH more maneuverable and even more deadly. If you will get just ONE of the Odysseys I very highly recommend THIS one. Dropping the Saucer changes the feel of the ship and is a lot more noticeable than ANY of the other abilities and thus really makes this Odyssey stand out.

The Worker Bees heal alright... Their subsystem repair is one of their best features. However, they are not as good as the Tal'Kyr or true Heal Abilities and tend to die fast. However, they can be a nice little heal for yourself or others.

However, I very very highly recommend just getting the pack and getting all 3 if you can manage it in any way.

These are both the Tactical Odyssey but I have all 3 consoles because I bought the pack. These are STF runs. I am not sure if this will help you any but it gives you a little look at actual play with these ships.

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