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03-31-2012, 07:15 AM
I like your post, and based on it, don't believe you've only played for 3 weeks . I didnt know about that tool, just downloaded it and ran through KASE, getting between 3-4k, so guess I have some work to do (I think mainly it's because I use HYT/CRF and need to switch to TS/CSV... will see).

Only thing, if you use the Jem Hadar set and Polarons, do you think Dominion Synergy (+7.6% Polaron damage) makes up for the DPS loss of not using Anti Protons? I would have to buy Antiproton gear to check myself, so that'd take me some time, so really just wondering if you already know how much better you've found AP/Disruptor DPS to be over everything else (maybe in terms of a %?)

EDIT: Gave Cannon/Torp AOE Abilities a try, DPS jumped up to almost 5k

Still wondering if Polaron+Dominion Synergy or AP is better... might start collecting AP weapons to see, but that might take me a bit

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