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03-31-2012, 11:12 AM
Originally Posted by Sharpphasors
Hello out there Elite STF'ers and everyone else! Have you ever wondered why you just keep failing? Why your never finish first place in starbase 24 or why you can't manage to get the optionals in elite STF's? Let alone FINISH elite stfs? Fortunately I'm here to help you...

So lets get started!!!!!!

Your first step to succes is this. GET A DPS METER. That way I don't have to convince you that using 7 different types of beams IS A BIG NONO you can see it for yourself and you will be sure that I know MUCH more of what im talking about than you.

So you probibly asking "Salvation how do I get a DPS meter?!!!!! There are no addons in this game!!!!!" Well that's partially true. Fortunately we have something called a Combat Log Parser, it's not illegal, it's not a MOD or a ADDON it's a data calculator. So here is how you get your first STO DPS METER!


1.) Download and install the latest version of Java
2.) Download and install the STO combat log parser - Removed. ~Alecto
3.) Create a combat log in Star Trek Online
a) Login and in the text menu type /combatlog 1
b) Get into combat for at least 1 second and do some damage to anything (space or ground it doesnt matter you need to do it so the log is created in the STO log file.
c) Find the combatlog (its wherever you saved STO on your harddrive in the LOGS file
d) Open your combatlogparser go to - File - Parse File - and Parse the CombatLog file in STO
e) Go into a Elite STF and you can start checking YOUR damage and EVERYONE elses damage

Note-- It tracks DPS, total damage done and a myriad of other things SO TAKE YOUR TIME TO UNDERSTAND IT.
Hint-- After each STO or combat you can open your combat log - select all text and delete it then resave. If you reparse the file it gives you a FRESH set of data so your not overlapping STF instances.

********************** WHY YOU SHOULD GET A DPS METER - I started playing STO 3 weeks ago, after hitting 50 in 3 days and starting Elite STF's I knew I was sucking... after much research I found this DPS meter and started tweaking. I went from 800 DPS per Elite STF or about 1.5-2 million damage done to 7200 DPS and 15-18 MILLION DAMAGE DONE. IN STARBASE 24 I HAVE RANKED 1ST 43 TIMES IN A ROW. I have not seen a SINGLE person do more than HALF the DPS or total damage done in a Elite STF since my last tweak 1 week ago. I run 10-30 Elite STF's a day.************************************

Getting a DPS meter is the FIRST STEP to recognize your problems and fix them.

DEBUNKING THE COMMON MYTH - "DPS calculators dont calculate my SKILL."
TRUTH - They do. Using DPS meters effectively will translate into you optimizing your class/skills/weapon layouts and combat techniques. If I didn't work on my survivability, combat awareness, broadsiding, time before engagement I WOULD NOT DO 7K DPS. Being skilled translates to a higher DPS/Damage done.
I'm missing something.. i downloaded the zip file but there is no executable?