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03-31-2012, 11:38 AM
Originally Posted by telesin
...further propogating the myth that the only thing that matters in STFs is pure DPS output.

So those team support skills that I have as a cruiser captain are things I shouldn't bother using to heal/help team members in an STF, because I'm too concerned about being at the top of the "DPS meter chart".

Cryptic can't bring out new STFS (and change the old ones) fast enough, to make sure that DPS is no longer the only consideration when working "as a team".

Normally I like to see utilities in MMOs like this, but in this case it exacerbates a current problem and how people view each other's contributions based on their class and what they fly. To that end, I do not find it helpful, but rather harmful. Time would better be spent convincing Cryptic that all ships and classes need to contribute equally in their own way, and to change old and/or design new STFs to further that goal.

Seems more like a continuation of the "virtual e-peen contest" that is found in virtually all MMOs.

DPS output is not the only thing that matters in STF's ... I would say that understanding how/what/why things go in an STF is the most important, followed secondly by DPS.

Poor game design is poor game design, and I'll agree that DPS is more important then it should be in the design of STF's. That said, this is a tool for better understanding of what is going on in such instances.
As for 'other contrubutions' yeah, they are there .. this tool even counts healing etc. Unfortunately players don't often utilize thier 'other contributions'. For example the STF I just finished, I tanked all the cubes and half the spheres and did not recieve a single hull or shield heal from the other players. In fact it looks to me like thier only contributions were DPS, and that was a lot lower then I would have expected.

Look at it this way .. I usualy run 2 beams and one turret in the back of my raptor, but I also usually run 2-DHC 1-Quad and 1-Torp.
Recently I switched to 2-torp 1-DHC 1-Quad in the front and I was concerned about not getting enough out of my tac consoles without that second DHC, so I switched to 3 turrets in the rear.
Is it better?
Is it worse?
I could only guess, it sure felt like my DPS was about the same.
With this I can run each and check the numbers.
In the end I will use whichever setup I prefer, but it is so much better to know what I am sacrificing for my preference. Not to mention knowing what I can do to 'kick it up a notch' when I 'need' to.