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03-31-2012, 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by chastity1337
Also, I would politely observe that using PDF format for the schedule was not the best idea. First, Adobe Acrobat is a sluggish resource-pig with a huge footprint. Given that STO is a memory-hog to start with, this is a bad combo. Second, anytime you ask me to download a file, that's a security issue. Malware is everywhere, (even in the stuff PWE wants you to download to earn Zenny). In short, I'm just not willing to download and run a PDF file.
The good news: The KAW #2 Guide Book PDF was generated by an actual player within STO (Tucana = me).

Trust me, I'm not about to embed malware, virii, trojans, etc. into the PDF. (Do you really think I want to have Cryptic/Perfect World's lawyers going after me? NO.) All PDFs were scanned before they were posted. And any files downloaded by anyone/anywhere should be scanned by the end user's reputable anti-virus/anti-trojan software scanner, too.

I appreciate your post about not wanting a PDF file. My computer can handle STO running *and* Adobe Reader. The current Guide Book (v1.0) PDF is 1.21 MB. That's a small file size, imho. But I'm not sitting at your computer, nor experiencing issues as you might.

I will consider posting a text file within the next day.