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03-31-2012, 12:59 PM
Originally Posted by KBFLordKrueg View Post
Some good advice here...
Although I have to ask, You just started playing 3 weeks ago but joined the forums in August 2011...?

And your builds focus on Fed advice for novice Klingon builds?

Other than that, good posting.
Im not OP but can help you a bit.

For carriers use typicall fed cruiser build for raptors and bops typical fed escort build. Battlecruisers are tricky beast try to setup them and fly like fed dreads there are few builds in this forum for this.

And mine joining date is correct

For pve there isnt really that much diffrence between setups on fed and klingon side for pve. Tactics change in pvp from what i noticed, but cant help you in that part.

I would advise going for BoPs as they are nice little wasps and setup them like defiant on some threads. It will work well, not optimal maybe but should be enough to get your dps on top of most pugs