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03-31-2012, 01:58 PM
With the operations Odyssey you can set all +35 armor consoles and another +18 to all. You can tank everything (if you pick the dominion shield, and the rest of borg set). (I do 850 per beam (ussing the "p" key info about skills)

The Tac Ody is to me a impressive tank-dps dealer (maybe the best balanced of three). I have on that version the three special Odyconsoles... but I have dudes with those, and with time maybe quit some of them). (I do 1014 + 5o to shield per beam).

The Science Ody... I have it under evaluation trials.

The work bee.... for me the best console of set. You can repair +-13000 hp on 40 seconds but with the set you can re-used at 48 seconds (repair and just used again). And most important, you can heal the kang (with hazard emiters and tac teams, kang live a lot more).

Aquarius.... I'm from that astrologycal sing and was happy to see it.... but I didn't use it, decent damage, but it die so quick.

Saucer separation.... more useful to me that aquarius. That convert your ody in a really-good tac cruiser and it heal you with eng.teams (you need heal it and use your tac teams to enlarge primary hull's livespan.

The crew is the great problem from Ody. You need do a good building to mantain your crew alive (she lose crewmembers too easily and take long time recover them. That is the real factor that limit you building a good Ody.

Thanks to everybody for the fun, sorry for my bad english.