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# 1 Starship Overhauls
03-31-2012, 02:41 PM
I have always had an idea of how the game could Evolve, once a player reaches lieutenant they can choose ANY starship they want, buyt that ship would be rank according, and rank up with them e.g. BO slots, Console and Weapon slots etc

With the possible introduction of Utopia Planitia Captains can modify their ships accordingly, the ship rankings would be the same Tactical Engineering and Science but Captains can have greater control over them

for example, if a Lieutenant went for a Defiant, as they ranked up they went to Utopia Planitia yards and modified their consoles, 1 science, 4 tactical 4 engineering

Each vessels weapons could stay the same rank according and each vessel e.g. if it Tactical MUST have a minimum of 3 tactical console slots and other according personnel.

Please post opinions/questions on this idea as it is theoretical but i believe would draw a wider STO audience

Thank you